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Bull Shark Dive

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Experience the beauty and wonder of the ocean`s top predator. Every year from November to March, pregnant bull sharks migrate to Playa Del Carmen to feed and rest before going to the freshwater for birth. Hundreds of female bull sharks gather in Playa del Carmen, with peak season in the winter. There are also some male sharks that gather here.

An encounter with bull sharks is an unforgettable experience. In this tour we descend to 70ft, wait in the sand, and let them come to us. You can expect to see at least 15-25 bull sharks during the high season.

Nervous? The sharks do not bother divers, and our experienced crew will ensure that you have a safe and fun dive. Our goal is to educate divers about the local bull shark population and how humans have affected their numbers. We want to erase the misconceptions about sharks being malicious and aggressive animals. Being in the water with these magnificent animals will open your eyes to their elegance and importance to the health of our ocean.

We do one dive where the bull sharks are, and one dive on a playa reef where we might even see more bull sharks. Join us for a once in a lifetime experience and be with the sharks! Book online, by phone, or swing by the shop!


  1. Equipment Rental
  2. Transfers
  3. Boat Fees
  4. Instructor
  5. Tanks & Weights
  6. Lunch
  7. Refreshments
  8. Note: Bring extra cash. towel and hat.

Price: $130 US p/p

Deposit: $60 US

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